Shipping & FAQ

Country Per Mug
United States of America $3.50
Canada $5.00
United Kingdom $5.00
Everywhere Else $6.50



Here are some frequently asked questions; if you do not see your question please e-mail Trick Mugs .

Q: How can I track my order?

A: Unfortunately we do not have an automated system in place to provide tracking numbers. However, you can contact us and we can manually provide tracking for your parcel.

Q:  Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship our mugs to wherever you need it!

Q: How long will it take to ship my order?

A: It usually takes 1-3 business days to prepare your mugs and 5-7 business days to ship your order within the USA. International orders generally take 8-14 business days to arrive.

Q: My order is damaged upon receiving it, what can I do?

A: All of our mugs are shipped in boxed specifically designed for mugs and rarely get damaged during shipping. However, in the rare case your mug is damaged, please contact us and we can resolve the issue.

Q: I received the wrong mug/my order was incorrect, what can be done?

A: We try our best but occasional mistakes still happen. Please contact us and we will address the issue.

Q: Can I use the mug in my microwave?

A: Yes, all of our mugs are dishwasher and microwaveable safe.

Q: What size mugs do you offer?

A: All of our mugs are available in the 11 oz size.

Q: What dimensions should my picture be for a customized mug?

A: We can resize and shape your image to fit our mug properly but if you'd prefer to edit your image size prior to submitting, please use 2232x960px for the dimensions. 2232x960px is the size we use for our images which wrap around the mug.